Cantina Zaccagnini in West Dulwich Italian Deli

There is Montepulicano d’Abruzzo wine everywhere in London but how do you sort the truly remarkable from the truly ordinary? Well, it is all in the taste, and considering that I have visited this winery, tasted their wines and enjoyed them emphatically, here is a very decent tip:

Cantina Zaccagnini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo - a rich full bodied red wine with smooth silk tannin, cherry, spice and a hint of chocolate. Perfect for a whole range of dishes especially roasted foods but equally pleasant with lighter dishes or with cheese.


What I especially like about this Montepulicano d’Abruzzo is that it has layers of flavour. As the wine opens up, they start to emerge, tantalising the taste buds and creating visions of a landscape where such aromas and flavours might emanate from. A really good wine.

winemaker zaccagnini

The winery itself is located in the area of Pescara in Abruzzo. It is a wonderful setting amid mountains carpeted with forests and vines. It is the same area where ‘The American’ starring George Clooney was filmed.

zaccagnini view vines

The vineyard itself is perched up high with a large space designed for wine production and storage. below the curving drive the vines stretch out before the visitor. The winery owner is a huge supporter of the arts and the grounds and internal spaces are adorned with sculptures, paintings, collage, photographs. Huge artistic luminaries such as Joseph Beuys. If you choose to visit Abruzzo, call Cantina Zaccagnini and request a tour.

Where to buy?

gastronomia italian deli west dulwich

I was told this wine was not for sale in the UK and was very disappointed. However, Dulwichians in South London will be pleased to know this is not entirely true. I have discovered that the Italian Deli, La Gastronomia in West Dulwich sells this very wine. Aside from the wine itself which will doubtless please, you can pick up a few tasty bites to go along with it.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Cantina Zaccagnini from La Gastronomia in West Dulwich, £19 


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