Champagne Bruno Paillard Rose Premiere Cuvee
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Eating out on St Valentine's Day is cheesy (we all know that), so many of us choose to discuss this sensibly with our partners and agree to go out on another night close to the 14th. The palpable shudder of relief in being spared the grimness of other couples celebrating this valiant and noble saint's day, is also sometimes accompanied by a pang of missing out. Even if the man doesn't feel it, he ought to admit that it is worth hedging against.

In my case, I like to crack open a bottle bubbly. It's important to make it clear that it is for no reason in particular but, as your nearest and dearest happens to be there he or she may as well partake in this perfectly neutral, non-commercial and overwhelmingly (unintentionally) romantic gesture. The fact that it happens to be pink bubbly has more to do with your hankering for warmer weather and those soft delicate aromas of luscious red fruits that infect the memory of summers past. 

You can pick whatever you like; the range of bubbles on offer in the UK is now so vast that you can buy English sparkling wine, Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, a multitude of regional French Crement wines, and of course the most famous of all, Champagne. This year I have opted for a fine bottle of the latter.

Bruno Paillard is big name in Champagne but not one of the giants in terms of quantity. The signature of the Paillard champagnes is elegance, finesse, minerality and engaging acidity. The Champagne Bruno Paillard Rosé Premiére Cuvée is all of those descriptors. I even bundled my notes into a stanza:

Pale pink, generous effervescing bubbles with aromas of summer fruits…

full of zest giving the drinker a full serenade up front

& eases into a gentle caress as the wine opens up.

Attractive elegant champagne, fresh and seductive.


Of course, this February 14th we do not worship at the alter of consumerism. Instead, we put on some music, we pour ourselves healthy glasses of pink Champagne and fall into the depths of Dionysian rhythm...


Bruno Paillard Rose Premiére Cuvée: Elegant, alluring & seductive.. the perfect #Champagne for #valentines #bubbly #vinho #vin #vino #rose

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