Pecorino from Waitrose

Pecorino is typically associated with the cheese from Italy, however, today it's gaining fame for being both old and new white wine from South Eastern Italy, along the Adriatic. Old due to the grape variety being considered only good enough for large-scale blending for cheap wine and today because a growing number of winemakers are busy discovering its potential as single variety.

Light yellow in colour and freshly tasting of sweet pineapple with slight hint of Turkish delight. There is a little spice and a touch of a bitter finish. You can easily smell variety of Bon-bons, in English hard boiled sweets, reminding you of a summer childhood evening with sticky fingers.

For vegetarians, serve with something like a Greek salad topped with Feta cheese and freshly cut red onions, don't forget plenty of fresh herbs!

For meat eaters you could bring to the table grilled chicken with spinach mixed with roasted tomatoes and fresh mango.

A nice little bargain from Wairtrose for £5.99

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