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By Guest Reviewer, Professor Jason Box in Copenhagen

Our Guest Beer is Professor Jason Box, based in Copenhagen and studying the A-Z of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS). Professor Box has been reporting that the GrIS is currently beyond its’ "threshold of sustainability" and is losing ice mass due to global warming at a ferocious rate.


J box svenekaHowever, changing climate systems aside, the professor has taken some time out to reflect on another important area of critical research he is undertaking on the subject of craft beer. 

So let's hand over to Jason as he explores this particular beer, Svaneke Green Mountain IPA. Watch the video for a more comprehensive introduction:

Jason Box:

I am an Arctic climatologist distracting myself from climate change with this Vlog about a fine beer: Svaneke Green Mountain IPA, 6.5% ABV. There is no IBU provided but certainly above average bitterness for IPAs.

I chose this beer as deserving attention, for it 'hits the mark' that the amazing, world class and insanely popular Mikkeller "Green Gold" IPA or Mikkeller "Stateside" American pale ales hit. 

I ordered a barrel of Svaneke Green Mountain IPA to serve at my 44th birthday party. I taste lime, pine, caramel. This beer (thankfully) does not have a malty flavor. For me, the aroma is faint. But otherwise, this is a great tasting FULL FLAVOUR beer that evokes a mood akin to that from being in grassy coastal sand dunes with wind whitening the tops of waves. Welcome to full flavor country. The music pairing to fit the mood is from the band Real Estate and the track called "Past Lives".


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