Lambeth Council say NO to business!

If you thought Lambeth Council's behaviour couldn't sink any lower, then think again. For all of this week cllr's Jim Dickson, Michelle Agdomar, and Jack Holborn have barred access to local businesses working in a separate wing of the Carnegie Library building.

Nearly 20 business owners have been refused access to their own work places this week and have become embroiled in a dispute with their own Landlord, London Arts Base, who have a running agreement with the council to let the space.

The rental income is one of the current sources of revenue that suits the library building very well as the number of small business owners in the UK continues to grow.

Many now question the legality of the councils position in stopping access to tenants who have paid rent and have had their property trapped in the building. The treatment at the entrance to the library by council representatives reduced one of the tenants to tears as the stress of not being able to work over came her.

However, the council are now allowing business owners access to their desks to take property away but not to work. The cumulative losses incurred are being calculated and compensation is going to be sought from Lambeth.

Another business owner says that he has had at least 3 deliveries go astray, that were necessary to finish a project, during this fiasco. Now more time has to be spent tracking and possibly replacing them instead of working.

The general feeling is that the council are trying to turn the business owners against the library occupiers. This has already backfired as the anger is now being directed at the "spiteful" and "out of touch" Lambeth council who will seemingly attempt anything to push their agenda through.

The Carnegie Library issue has attracted national & international press, as well as large community sites like Brixton Buzz keeping residents up to date. Local businesses around the area from Brixton to Herne Hill and Dulwich are displaying posters and fliers of support. 

This week over 200 authors and illustrators declared public support for the occupation of the library and more support from groups in Switzerland have also been received. The issue is set to continue as residents and local businesses demonstrate their support for keeping Carnegie Library as a functioning community library.

A huge public march against Lambeth Council plans to turn the listed Carnegie building into a "health & wellbeing" business, is scheduled for Saturday 9th April putting more pressure on the council to listen to the people they are supposed to represent.

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