Carnegie library
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As the community asserts a stronger desire to keep their local library open, the local council employ more draconian measures to close it. 

Access to people who rent space in the library is now being blocked in an attempt to put pressure on the seperate "occupy Carnegie" effort. This action brings into question the legality of the action taken by Lambeth council against the local community and also the police who are tryig to manage access to the building.

For councillors to take on a local community is obviously very brave. This issue is spreading, not just across London and the UK, but from even traditionally neutral countries like Switzerland where knowledge is prized above cries for austerity.

It would appear the Carnegie Library protest is the canary in the coal mine. The people of South London are not willing to have their beloved library taken from them by uncompromising, high-handed officials.

The question is not so much whether the Occupy movement will sustain, but rather should the councillors resign over this issue. Being wrong is one thing, being hopelessy out of touch with the people you represent is quite another!

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