virtual reality as a lock down activity

Note: I am not a professional writer but I am inspired every now and again to write down my thoughts. This was a spontaneous idea and as I had an opportunity to share it on this platform, here it is. BTW English is my second language so if you spot an odd way of writing just think that I am not perfect. I hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know your thoughts, please. :)

1 - Watch a good latest release or an old classic movie, documentary film, or a theatre show. And don't forget to make popcorn and a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Enjoy!

2 - Play your old records collection and or organise it by style, years, or whatever. Make sure you play it reasonably loud so others can enjoy it with you.

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3-Listen to a podcast on the topic you are interested in. This is a fantastic activity if you are doing boring work during the day. Or stick to a classic radio. Why not change a channel for a change?

4 - Read a good book (or a few :)). How often do you read if at all? I manage only one book per month and at times I struggle to fit it in, but I always catch up with my target. As not only I love it but it is so important to do these days as life seems to have moved so much online.

5 - Learn a new language. There are many great apps out there, YT channels or online courses. Some are completely free of charge. You have no excuse! 

6 - Learn something new. From painting, knitting, or chess, just begin. 

7 - Play a game. Cards, chess, dice, ships, or any board game. Play!

8 - Make art or decorate something. Frame a selection of photos from your holidays you particularly enjoyed or people you miss seeing.

9 - Look through old photos physically or electronically, and even organise them into albums. Share them with family and friends.

10 - Write something, start a diary, write an essay on the subject you feel passionate about, or just write a gratitude list.

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11 - Exercise, we can only do solo sports currently but there is plenty to choose from. You can join an online class or connect with friends for a session with you if you feel demotivated. All of these are easily practised at home or outside. Yoga, pilates, running, pick some weights (if you don't have any at home fill an empty plastic bottle of water or fill your rucksack with something heavy enough), go rollerskating, or borrow your kids skipping rope. Stretching counts too.

12 - Start a detox or a few days cleanse. Our excuse often for not starting is not enough time. The difficulty of having to pack daily the right produce or the difficulty of executing it whilst travelling to and from work is the typical blocker. Being at home can actually allow you to plan and organise yourself to execute detox in a perfect environment with having all you need at hand. Stay healthy!

13 - Organise, anything at home from clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry to your toiletries. You can sort through your kids' stuff, your garden, your kitchen, and anything that needs it. Sort through your office if you are self-employed look at your tax returns, documents, emails, or your big new ideas for the future.

14 - Learn a new skill, take a course whether, in Asian cooking, creative writing or IT skills decide what would you enjoy, or you could benefit from.

15 - Donate, your time to a charity or stuff at home you don’t need anymore.

16 - Cook something you never cooked before. Challenge yourself, get the ingredients and try now.

17 - Bake, whether it is a loaf of bread or a cake. Try to evolve, your kids will love it too.

18 - Travel via VR (virtual reality), get the googles, and start. You can watch a movie, visit a gallery or learn something. It’s amazing!

19 - Do some gardening, replant plants and pots or improve your skills within this area.

20 - Participate in wine tasting. Order the samples of wines (or beer, whiskey, tea, or whatever drink you enjoy drinking and you can find a tasting on) from a provider and join the scheduled class with your wine, nibbles, and a notepad.

21 - Make your own jam or make homemade pasta. Roll your sleeves up!

22 - Wash your car, from outside as well as inside. Give it a good scrub on a sunny day.

23 - Fix something, you know when you always say you will fix this or that and you never have time to do it. Now is the time to do it! Or totally DIY the house.

24 - Write a poem, get your feelings out there, and have a go.

25 - Sing a song or join a karaoke with your family or friends. Print the lyrics set your TV and connect with your mates to have a joint session.

26 - Write a song for your children, grandchildren, or friends and try to sing it together. It should be a fun project, not a preparation for the X-Factor competition, or could it be?

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27 - Have a themed Zoom party. Honestly, whether it is a B-day, Halloween in July, or someone’s graduation day make an effort.

28 - Call an old friend, colleague, or a cousin who you never have time to speak with.

29 - Have an Xbox competition, and improve your game.

30 - Plant a tree. Whether you have a garden or not, you can donate it to your school or a council and everyone will enjoy it.

31 - Help a neighbour or an elderly family member, you can drop them a note via the post box or speak with them over the fence once outside in the garden. Whether it means picking up groceries for them or medication from a pharmacy or even just having a chat. I am sure it will go a long way in these tough times.

32 - Declutter, we always make plans for this activity, and how many of us never get to do it? It is because it is a huge job. Just start and start small. Divide it into daily/weekly sections. For instance family clothes, books, toys, kitchen stuff, documents, or old electronics. The list is endless.

33 - Re-organise your desktop on your computer, clear up your laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone to free up space.

homemade pasta :) 

34 - Deep clean your house with loud music. Wash the windows, dust the unusual places, air the mattress you sleep on as well as your pillows and duvet. Wash your shower curtain, air radiators in your place. Clean your ceiling lights. Wash your curtains and deep clean your carpet. Or simply do a pile of ironing.

35 - Join an online club, anything from reading to university courses. There are plenty of free courses as well as paid ones if you are thinking about investing in your future skills.

36 - Grow a seed, you can try lemon, orange, avocado, date, or thyme. It will make you smile once the seed shoots out and grows into a full plant. I suggest you look up a guide on YT or read up on it as it depends on which month you are doing it and what are the home temperature conditions. Good luck!

37 - Pamper yourself, take that bath, and put in the sea-salt crystals or essential oil. Do a long manicure and pedicure, put a mask on your face and hair after you steam your face in the bath. Ask your partner or housemate to massage your back and return the favour. It feels amazing. And don't forget to put a candle, incense stick, or a diffuser on to defuse the mood. It may just connect something else in you.

38 - Go for a long walk and take your dog (if you own one) or kids with you. This is good for everyone. To air your thoughts of today’s life. Not to mention it is the most natural exercise.

39 - Take a DNA ancestry test. If you have always wondered what your roots are then why wait. This can lead you onto a little project or just a bit of fun. And don't forget to share it with your family.

40 - Draw something, remember when you were a child and you just doodled for the fun of it? Not to make it to the Saatchi gallery just simply for enjoyment. Reconnect with your inner child. Now is the time!

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41 - Sit still and just wonder in your thoughts. I really struggled with this as I was used to doing things in a real rush. It took me some time to fully relax and let my mind flow. I still have some way to go but there are tremendous health benefits to this and I recommend you try it.

42 - Dream, as a follow up in your wondering you may extend this exercise into active or focused dreaming about whatever subject you want to get into. I know it sounds bonkers but actually, it may help you design your own future. We are a society that is not very good at taking time off, especially consciously active time off. 

43 - Meditate - now this is hard for most people including myself. I think the previous two steps could really help before you get to this stage. There are plenty of videos and articles online and I suggest you start slowly. If you can achieve 10 minutes after a few sessions give yourself a pat on the back. The health benefits of daily meditation practice are just incredible, you must have read about it by now. If not do read up on it if you fancy having a go.

44 - Play with your or someone else’s children. When was the last time you took the time to play with kids? If you can't even remember it, you must do it now. I guarantee you will both benefit enormously. Have fun!


45 - Research something you never have time for. Please don't make the subject a conspiracy theory! Why not find out how to distinguish between real facts versus fake news online? It may be a difficult task but it will serve you and the society in the long run.

46 - Start a new project. Now, this can entail many of the things already mentioned above but this specifies some kind of a long term plan doing the activity you choose to do. Why not have a little brainstorming session with partner or friends and get your ideas as well as the calendar down and commit. Whatever the subject, have a go!

47 - Put together a puzzle. Do you remember how this was trendy back in the day? Why not pull out the old box from the junk cupboard and go back in time. And don't forget to involve everyone in the house.

48 - Have a coffee outside your house on a sunny day. My partner and I did not have a garden throughout our first lock-down last March in London. We took a book, coffee, and a couple of folding chairs outside to our front car parking spot. We ended up chatting to neighbours on our right and left, as well as across the road. You never know what a spontaneous situation can bring.

49 - Write or sign a petition about something you are passionate about. Are you a caring person and you just never get down to do this. Why not now? There are plenty of issues that need challenging today, just don't get me started!

50 - Upload versus decluttering your apps. I use very few apps as I try to keep usage time on the phone capped between 2-3 hours per week. I manage, just! There are apps that can remind you how you are doing and provide specific analytics about what you do on your phone. Try to get it down and think which apps are useful and which are just taking up space or is it time to refresh them all?

51 - Walk each day via a different street in your neighbourhood and spot the name of the street (unless you already know it). Try to find an interesting fact about your neighbourhood. You may just be a little surprised.

52 - Get to know a new neighbour in your neighbourhood. Have a chat with your neighbour across your garden or on the street. You never know they may appreciate it as much as you do.

53 - Start journaling, this is a great way to exercise your brain daily about what passes through your mind and it is supposed to benefit your mental health which we all struggle with at times.

54 - Learn to play an instrument. If this is your forgotten dream why not start now? Look up courses and challenge yourself.

55 - Dance, why not? Either put on a tune you like and have a boogie with whoever is in your house or organise a dance party via the Zoom. Headphones are advisable if you live in a thin walls environment so you stay mates with your neighbours.

56 - Make a video to share with friends or family. Get creative, involve your cat or a dog, create a funny script, and learn something along the way.

57 - Teach, how about teaching someone else something new if it comes easy to you? Why not help a neighbor's kids with maths for an hour or an elderly person how to use WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype so they can connect with their loved ones? Or share your expertise in a class with a few of your friends over the Zoom. Be a teacher for a day and ask them to reciprocate. I taught my old neighbour through phone on her new tablet in live about video calls. It took some time but two days ago I received a video call from her randomly, she and we were so happy with what she achieved. 

58 - Take time to reflect. This is something many of us don't actually do but it is so important to get to know oneself and take time to improve little things about us that will lead to some big things. I leave this one for you to investigate.

59 - Try a haircut at home or trim. Or try styling your hair the way you never did before. It is easier than you think. I am not trying to put hairdressers out of a job but they had to start somewhere too and you don't need to go for a full salon redo, start small. Order a good pair of scissors and just have a go. Go slow!

60 - Dye your hair at home. It is simple and yet some of us had never done it. Try it, instructions are in the box.

61 - Clean your electronics. This includes a phone, lap-top, iPad, your computer basically all of your electronics. I have do admit I have never done it before the pandemic started, but did you know that hell of a lot of bacteria loves to breed in a warm environment including a warm phone and electronics? Make it a regular habit!

62 - Re-plan your finances. As many of us lost work or are in need of re-education into a different work career, this seems like an obvious exercise to undertake. Look at all your outgoings and incoming salaries in the household and look at ways how to save or grow your income.

63 - Write a book or short story. What an excellent way to commit to working on a daily basis in lockdown. If you have ideas, discipline, and a bit of a will, go for it! The world needs great books and stories.

64 - Sell stuff if you are in a need of cash. Maybe you will end up listing unused stuff on eBay which you always wanted to do and never had time for, or you may want to auction stuff online. If you have anything valuable research how to do it first and then get a quote from a few re-sellers before you make a final decision.

65 - Write or re-write your CV, and or your LinkedIn profile. This is always handy!

66 - Create a travel diary. As many of us are restrained on traveling why not travel in the past. Create a map on Google and pin all the destinations you had visited. Add photos and dates if you can remember and share them with whomever you want to.

lock-down games are fun! 

67 - Refresh your house decor. Maybe you always dreamt about refreshing your room or the whole house. If you are not short of cash go for it, now.

68 - Teach your pet a new trick or a skill. Read up on how best to do it and get going. Surely your pet is bored half of the time as yourself.

69 - Home school share. I think this one people with children don't have a choice on but if you can share a load from different parents maybe you can rotate a lesson subject amongst parents of your kids. This should free up some time for those who need it.

70 - Have a nap, rest, or just relax. After all, you are working at home so why not? I think we all agree that it is best to take it when you need it.

71 - Try to write a comedy script. As we are passing through such an intense time in history it is more important than ever to laugh. If you think you have talent please just do it!

72 - Build lego with your kids. Anything that involves kids is a brilliant way to engage with their expanding minds.

73 - Bird watching with your forgotten binoculars. Just pull them out of a box and start twitching and noting what passes by. Try to put some seeds out, that may help.

74 - Take a breathing exercise lesson. I came across this by accident but actually, COVID being a lung disease, it would benefit anyone to strengthen our airways. Stay focused and try it.

75 - Laugh, I know this is a silly one and I am not sure how you can start but maybe just put on a few Graham Norton shows in a row and get yourself laughing if you had a tough day.

76 - Learn a new word each day in your own language. Take an old dictionary and improve your language. So many of us don't use so many words anymore due to being old fashioned or just obsolete. You never know they may come in handy in crosswords.

77 - Write a list of things you love and like a little less about your partner. Decide on having a chat and discuss how you both could help each other to improve them. Start gently. A small list of five things is more manageable than an overwhelming essay that could lead to a split up. It’s like a therapy session at home.

78 - Try to go Vegan for a week and debunk the myth whether it is really that difficult to give up, if not for good, occasionally animal produce. Make a list of things you noticed in that week about yourself and discuss it with your friends and family or a fellow Vegan.

79 - Clean your silver in the house. Not everyone owns silverware but maybe you own some jewelry or something that needs polishing.

80 - Sort through your jewelry. Gift the stuff you no longer use or get some fixed if it is broken.

81 - Read through your magazines and old comics.

82 - Colour a book for adults and children. I didn't even know they have one for adults. Why not, anything to get your calm juices flowing after a long day.

83 - Fill crosswords. There are many books you can buy where you can do one daily on a subject you enjoy. For instance wine, science, or art. It’s fun and you lean with it too. Crosswords are not only for your grandparents.

84 - Give a lick of paint to your old windows, fence, or gates. It will make you feel good.


85 - Home M.O.T check-up. Apparently, there are 10 things you can do to pass the MOT easily. Why not do the maintenance at home and make a habit for the future out of it.

86 - Play an interactive computer game. If your job is manual you may appreciate sitting down and going off on a journey. Play for fun.

87 - Play a word game in your own language. I think language is so important. If you like words as much as I do, try to find a game that fits your level and involve everyone around you. Make it ongoing.

88 - Design a cooking calendar or a book of your favorite recipes ( or Vegan dishes or cakes ) and gift them electronically in an email to friends and family. Compare how people liked them.

89 - Camp in your garden in the summer. Why not! If you have space and the weather is good, change the scenery and kids will love it.

90 - Learn to make your own natural cosmetics with essential oils. Now, I have not done this one by myself but my cousin did. And she is a total expert now. You will need a separate cooking pot for cosmetic ingredients and you order them online. Be prepared to go step by step but the end result could be your own business. She is doing it!

91 - Learn to sew your own clothes. This doesn't have to be a fashion designer but if you like it then get creative. Buy a sawing machine and start with online videos for guidance. Build from it and if you have clothes you don't wear, give them a refresh.

92 - Learn photography. A lot of us seem to be snapping away daily these days but do you really understand how to take a good photo? All of those options for light, shadows, and toning. Dig in to improve.

93 - Learn a new IT program. Maybe you need it for your new business or it would help you at work, or maybe you just fancy upskilling yourself. Why not sign up for an online course and commit to it?

94 - Listen to an audiobook. I was resistant to this at first but actually, I fell in love with it on my first audiobook. You can do it whilst walking or running (if you can concentrate) and you end up doing two things simultaneously.

95 - In the summer watch a film on a projector in your garden. And don't forget that ice-cream!

96 - Buy beads and make your own jewelry. I used to love doing this as a child, so yes get your kids involved I am sure they will love it.

97 - Make your own candles. Once again you will need a separate pot for it and few bits from an online shop but it’s creative and you will be pleased with your creative output. And they make nice and cheap presents too.

98 - Make your own cards and again involve your kids. Whether these are birthday, thank you, or Xmas cards they will put a smile on whoever you are sending them to. Get ready-made printing-stamps and dip them in different colours inks if you feel like not the most confident painter.

99 - Create your own Xmas or Easter decorations, Valentine’s, Halloween, or any other themed decor for when you get together with people you love to celebrate one of these events.

lock-down cake baking 

100 - Write your own list of things you can do in a lockdown (if you haven't seen them in this list already) and share them whether publicly or amongst your friends and family. We all need inspiration sometimes and I came up with this idea as I too was wondering what else can I do.

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