Litter and rats in London Parks

As the temperature rises, Londoner’s are seeking pleasure in our open public spaces, however, inadequate planning for litter means they could rapidly become infested with rats and other vermin feasting on piles of rubbish left at bins.

Londoner’s coming up for air

London WoodsParks and woodlands in London are a lifeline for many

Since the lockdown, we have been taking walks daily around our local woods and park in South London and it has been a psychological lifesaver. As the weather is warming it is also reassuring to see lot’s people of all ages gathering in small groups to chat and assert a new level social normality.

Wine in the park
Enjoying wine in the park with friends

Rats Visible

However, in recent weeks two more noticeable elements have become apparent. Walking through the woods we have seen huge rats scurrying across our path in ever more frequency. Then as we walk around into the open spaces where people have gathered the night before, the piles of rubbish lay strewn around waste bins that are hopelessly small for the amount they are expected to hold.

Add to this that the rubbish concealed within plastic bags is generally ripped open and the contents strewn about the grass. The mess is then what dog walkers and people doing exercise in the morning encounter as they take their turn to enjoy the space. Rotting food and litter pose a further risk to peoples health, including the workers to whom we are are all grateful for doing everything they can to keep public spaces clean.

London parks exercise
Lady making the walk to the park part of the exercise routine

Urgent Need For Adequate Bins

What we urgently need is a larger instalment of bins for people to put their rubbish instead of piling it up around the bins. The intention to leave by the bin is fair but the signal to rats is clear: feast on our rubbish.

We must all collectively call on our councils to provide larger containers that can safely hold rubbish until it can be collected. Many of do take our rubbish home but where that is not practical we must have a preventative measure to avoid further health risks to people enjoying the parks and the works who maintain them.

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