Whilst it is fair to say that services in Dulwich do seem to be slowly cutting back, one particular situation that is really worsening is the sabotage of rubbish on collection day everywhere. This is an issue that has serious health implications. Where waste food and other bits are spread around, we cannot expect the bin collection teams to start picking individual bits up off the street.

The other day I saw a young child fall over into a load of scattered rubbish and instantly was concerned as to what might be in the rubbish. For instance there are razor sharp tin cans in recycling, moulding food that could become poisonous, used sanitary wear that needs to be sealed. The issue here lies squarely with the council as they are paid council tax and charged with end to end waste recyckling and processing. 

Should our bins be improved if foxes have learned to knock them over? A clasp maybe? What about bags being torn open for food inspection, leaving the waste strewn across the street? This is where local authority ingenuity and action is really needed. We wait in eager anticipation!




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