We’ve been scouring SE London for decent eggs and have recently hit upon a top tip that you may have overlooked. As with so much fresh produce these days finding tasty food at good value prices is becoming an ever increasing challenge. If it’s not good tasting veg, healthy meat, fresh fish, or even eggs that fling us back to our childhood days of dipping soldiers in yolk… getting the inside tip is what its all about.

Dulwich fresh food - eggs

We spotted these eggs behind the counter in our local bakery in West Dulwich but it still took a month or so before one of us remembered to actually buy them. Well that day was yesterday and the reckoning was this morning. The bakery also sell good sausage rolls but the eggs sourced locally from Fenton Farm promise taste and freshness which are par for the course for pleasure!

Fenton Farm Eggs

Feeling a little wanton after the 40th celebratory anniversary of the closing of Covent Garden Market last night, I cooked up some poached eggs on fresh granary bread with baby spinach and spring onion. The result… delicious!

Dulwich Bakery

This is now our new place for buying eggs. If you’re in the area then pick some up. The assorted coloured shells and great flavour will brighten your day for sure!

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