bad haircuts in Gypsy Hill South London

Quote: “When he finished colouring my hair and he went out smoking I used the loo and noticed a patch at the front he totally missed. I ended up with brown colour and he toned the rest of my coloured hair. When he was done I said to him ‘but this is not what I asked for at all and it is not the colour on the picture either!’ How can you get brown mixed with blond?”

Warnings issued to Londoners as opportunists without skills or training are out to make a fast buck from a surge in demand for hairstylists.

With hair salons stretched to the max and cuts and colouring services at a premium price with extra COVID-charges added on top, many are having to resort to scouring the internet for availability, even when that means taking a risk to get an urgent cut.

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“Pop-Up” (home) salons that are not legit

Salons charge a premium because they have to adhere to health & safety regulations, pay for rent, rates, insurance, among a whole plethora of other bills. Mobile hairdressers invest in their equipment and develop reputations by word of mouth and high standards.

Saying you are mobile and then requesting people come to your house or flat is false and exposes the client to risk. Most of all it places many customers in a place of vulnerability where the ability to express themselves confidently is removed as they are in a strangers house who could become emotional or worse.

One victim we spoke to said the following:

‘Once I rang him, he told me that he is not travelling to people’s places as he can do more business when they come to his flat and he has his little set-up. So I came to his flat in Gypsy Hill [near Crystal Palace, South London]. I didn’t really have a choice…. the house was filthy even though he kept sweeping and running around with spray (looking as if he was cleaning).’

‘You sit squashed down on a chair leaning into his toilet sink in order for him to soak your hair with a plastic joiner plugged into his taps.’

Disaster hairdressers destroy confidence

For many emerging from lockdown, the first thing that we have to give attention to is our appearance, especially when we are facing a professional appointment. We might already be feeling a little edgy after three or four months of lockdown so being

‘When he finished I was shocked as he basically coloured my hair with chocolate brown colour and added some silver coloured tone over my yellowish blond. He additionally trimmed my hair and instead of waves did curls which looked like I was going to a wedding (which I wasn’t). Very old fashioned and outdated.

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I told him this is not at all what I asked for and how is this the same as the colour on the picture from his Instagram showing him the post. He apologised and said this can be easily fixed and I can come any time for a re-do free of charge. He also kept saying this was a misunderstanding. (his favourite word) I said ok you probably had a bad day, trying to be calm. I was in a shock but he had another guy in his house and I just didn’t want to get in trouble so I paid him £100 by bank transfer although he said he would prefer cash.’

COVID Safety measures:

Mask wearing and bodily hygiene are critical. If there is anything that impedes this or if it is not taken seriously then the person should be closed down. Britain has the highest death rate in the world for COVID-19 and hairstylists are both exposed and could become spreaders if proper procedures are not undertaken.

‘X did not wear a mask (he told me he is asthmatic but he smoked regularly whilst doing my hair in his breaks). He didn’t offer me any antibacterial gel.’

The outcome

In the case referenced in this article, the victim had no comeback and when she requested a refund to put this behind them, the hairdresser in question became indignant and shoutingly accused her of being a liar. The offer of redoing her hair was revoked. He failed to accept any responsibility insisting there was no mistake made and that she simply did not know what she wanted at the outset.

At this point, money is not the issue. Confidence is damaged and this person will never use a mobile hairdresser again despite the high standards adhered to by many in the industry. One bad egg spoils the reputation of many.


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