Probably the biggest wedding of the year took some planning and an almighty budget. It was of course the wedding between Andy Murray and Kim Seers (now Kim Murray). The wedding took place in Andy’s home town of Dunblane where he is from and remains very emotionally connected to.

What the pundits say.

The news has got the chins wagging and celebrity wedding planners speculating on the details that will add the bucks to the price tag and ultimately define the style of the big day. In this short interview given by the BBC one of the UK’s most established wedding planners gives his insights as to how the planning will be playing out.

What about the locals?

Local people in Dunblane regard Andy Murray as one of their own and have sought every opportunity to pay homage to their local tennis stars important day. I wonder if it is as big for them as was his Wimbledon win when the world looked on trembling with anticipation and then emotion? Who knows.

On the whole Murray comes across as a likeable chap. In the early days he wore his national pride on his wrist (literally in the form of Scottish flag sweat bands!) but these days he has extended the bounds of his identity to be more British. It does seem that it has brought him greater support in his sporting endeavours and when one is in front of the net in a world class tournament, it could be fair to say, one needs all the support one can get!