Favourite local restaurants

Months after writing about the loss of my beloved Oishii, I had lunch in its successor, Saigon Bistro. I like to support independent businesses but was sadly disappointed. The stock of my pho bo tai lacked flavour as did my fellow InDulwicher, Nick’s com suon nuong. I didn’t appreciate having to go to the counter to order after having sat down with the menu, especially in a nearly empty place. I wish Saigon Bistro well but it won’t become one of my regulars.

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Weekend treat. A pint, a meal and a hike.

It’s the climb up White Hill that gets the sweat breaking out on my brow. It is a little steeper than Box Hill but perhaps it’s just that it’s an hour and a half into the walk. Either way, from White Hill, it’s a comfortable stretch to Mickleham and a pub lunch at the Running Horses.


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Bangkok noodle soup hits the spot ..... repeatedly

A few months ago, I wrote a nostalgic piece about lost, favourite restaurants, those places you drift back to from time to time. They may not have the best food (though they may) but something about them suits you. Oishii and the others have gone but the stock can be replenished. One such is Kaosarn, a small, Thai place in Brixton Village. It is a typical Brixton Village place and feels a bit like being in a shack.

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