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Planning a wedding is for many a once in a lifetime affair. With that in mind why not consider the advice of a wedding planner who has organised wedding parties and events for the worlds elite as well as more modest affairs. 

Weddings are big business and the sums that people will pay to create the day of their dreams can often see no limit. But that is to the case for all of us and why should it be? Having a memorable day that is packed with pleasure does not for the most part mean we have to spend our life savings or three times our annual earnings.


The worlds top wedding planner was recently caught on TV offering his golden tips for achieving somethings special with a modest budget.

World's top luxury wedding planner offers pearls of wisdom


A truly memorable wedding doesn’t have to resemble Glastonbury. The best times are with those we truly love and care for. The first tip is reduce guest numbers. This immediately offers a great saving on the per head cost count but more importantly it means that you can spend more time with those you have invited. How many times do you hear brides say that the day went so fast, or that they didn’t get to speak to so and so? Well, these are both problems that are easily fixed by simply making that guest list really count. Loved ones only please!

Lighting and ambience

Quite often big weddings go over board with disco and trashiness as if it is a virtue. half the guests can’t wait to leave and the other half and drinking hard and fast enough to compliment the tacky surrounds. All very passé and time for a rethink.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a feeling of calm or serenity? The second tip from the maestro is to light candles and put them everywhere. Create a timeless feeling and gentle ambience that everyone will love.

As the evening progresses, your wedding planning skills will be the [other] toast of the evening as people quietly appreciate that this was special evening worth cherishing.

“Scrap the sit down dinner, do canapés”

Well this is a bold one but it does actually make sense. So much attention is lavished on the dinner as a main event that we sometimes forget how restricting this can be. Being stuck with a table of people, be they old friends or new acquaintances, often means you don’t get a chance too speak to as many people as you had hoped. The other scenario is that the people you have waited to speak to are now a few glasses of wine to the worse and stumbling around on the dance floor.

Surely it is the triumph of the modern wedding planner who encourages people to move freely for the duration, enjoying company, the fine specially selected range of canapés and a decent away of drinks to suit all tastes.

Of course, you may have more tips to share and we’re always interested. Let us know.

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